I started making sling last year, because after selling slings for nearly a decade at gun shows.  I found that most single point slings won't fit short or skinny men and women.  Also, women complained to me about rubbing and chaffing their breasts.  And most elastic slings have too much bounce.

My sling uses ROK Straps shock cord, a high latex, solid core rubber which will only strech 30%.  A polyester coating colored in black, tan, OD green and ROKcam gives it a nice finish, without the bulk of scruntched up webbing.  The Sling lighs flat against your body.  

My sling will fit a 12 year old girl or 300 pound guy.  It fits between and below the bosom, and when a gal puts it on, she notices the difference immeadiately.  Because of the triangular ring, the sling will stay on your side or back, without constantly shifting forward.  I make the slings in Arizona, using the finest quality thick 1 inch webbing, for extreme comfort.  Comes with a HK style clash hook.  A Grovtec USA Recessed button QD mount is available for $5.00 more

I have sold over a 1000 of these at gun shows and to dealers, without 1 complaint or return...just return customers for more of them.

The price is $25.00 plus $3.00 shipping.  Buy 2 or more for free shipping.  Money back if you don't love it.  CC accepted.  AZ residents pay .0785% sales tax

I also make a sliding two point sling that weighs 3 ounces.