Price includes shipping. This is a Rhineland Arms Romanian PSL 54c Tiger Maple Stock Set finished with Red Mahagony TransTint and Tung Oil. There are 4 coats of dye and 4 coats of Tung Oil. All in this has 4 weeks of work in it. This was on a rifle for 5 rounds and then I realized the grip did not fit my hand. This comes with butt stock, upper handguard (Gas tube NOT INCLUDED.), lower hand guard and all mounting hardware. I swapped out the two OEM straight scrwdriver headed screws with hex head screws. They have the same length and thread pitch but they are easier to screw in as they are over 2 inches long. The lower hand gaurd has threaded inserts for sling swivels OR bi pods. The but stock has a threded insert for a sling swivel. This also comes with a rod (Never installed.) that can be hammered in place for the PSL specific sling mounting spot.

Depending on which version of PSL you have you might need to do some fitting of the butt stock. For example, this does not come with a hole in the handle for the AK type pistol grip screw.

Now for the bad part. There is a small crack in the upper hand guard that has been repaired with epoxy. When you know where to look you can see it. The weird/lucky part is the grain on the opposite side looks pretty close to the crack. 

This set is $150 plus $12 shipping on the Rhineland Arms website. For basically $38 more you can get a fully finished set shipped to you. Same price for pickup.