A fine deluxe Model 1851 Colt Navy revolver no.42642/, decorated with’ No. 2style’ pattern scroll of the Gustave Young shop as designed for the Navy model. Coverage is on the barrel,lever, frame, hammer, back-stap, triggergaurd, wedge and screws. Wolf head motif on hammer, and left side of barrel. Hand engraved ‘Colts Patent’ marking on frame, New York address on barrel , Grips of finest Ivory ....Casing of Vanished Rosewood lined in Burgundy Velvet, partitioned in the American style, with accessories including stand of arms flask. In general, three themes distinguish Young’s work from that of others: 1) he tended to engrave each side of the hammer with a wolf’s head, 2) it is common that he added lateral punch dotting to the top curve of the hammer, and 3) his use of animal heads such as wolves, eagles and dogs in the overall body of his engraved pieces. While not always present on his work, all three of these motifs are present on this piece. This fine piece has been held in a family collection for many years with the settling of an estate leading to this being sold. (More photos on request)

Antique firearm require no FFL and can be shipped direct to your address .