Colt SAA Bisley in .32-20 caliber. All matching gun with original finish remaining in some areas. Tight action with great timing and the four click hammer pull we love. Original grips with Ramparts trademark emblem. Shiny bore with strong rifling. No pitting or rust. Wearing a 5.5 inch barrel.
The .32-20 Winchester, also known as .32 WCF, was the first small-game lever-action cartridge that Winchester produced. It was initially introduced as a black-powder cartridge in 1882 for small-game, varmint hunting, and deer. Also known as the "First Magnum Pistol Cartridge"
This Colt Bisley was born in 1907 and was designed to shoot higher pressure smokeless cartridges.

We’re talking about the Colt Bisley (1894-1912).

Built on the frame of the Colt Single Action Army, the Bisley was designed to meet the demands of shooters competing in the Bisley pistol matches in Great Britain.

The key differences were a lowered and wider hammer spur and distinctive humped, inward curving grips. While the lower and wider hammer spur make sense, one may wonder about the unusually shaped grips. Unlike the common straight-arm shooting styles, the recommended Bisley-style was to aim with the wrist and elbow bent.
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