This is a never fired, in box, F.LLI PIETTA 1851 Navy Yank 36 caliber historical black powder reproduction revolver from Dixie Gun Works. It is a fully functional revolver that fires 36 caliber lead ball. No pistol permit required. Make offer. Stock Photo.

This pistol does not require a permit or FFL. It can be shipped directly to your address. Because it features a steel frame, it can be converted to a centerfire revolver to shoot 38 Special. Conversion cylinders are available, without an FFL, from the manufacturer and from online retailers who specialize in black powder guns such as Pietta, Heritage Arms, and Taylors, but we DO NOT carry them. 

The original Model 1851 “Yank” single-action revolver was as much a part of the Western trail as the Americans who traveled it. Wild Bill Hickok carried a pair with ivory grips during his lawman days in Abilene. The Pietta Model 1851 Navy “Yank” .36-Caliber Black Powder Revolver with brass backstrap and trigger guard celebrates the wild West. Features a steel frame with case-hardened finish, octagonal barrel and walnut grips.