Perfect NIB new Arsenal SLR-106UR rifle, no longer in production and appreciating in value. Purchased a few years back, and never fired it. This is an AK-47 style rifle with a chrome-lined barrel bore, but chambered in good old 5.56 x 45mm NATO; same as our USA AR-15s and M-16s.

Modern AKM receiver is matched to a Krinkov length gas system and barrel; but the barrel has been left at 16” to be classified as a regular rifle. Folding stock is very rigid and stable, vs. the usual flimsy/wobbly AK under-folding stocks.

This is the perfect gun to begin your SBR (Short Barrel Rifle) project, it’s very easy to cut the barrel to the shorter length, and re-crown with hand tools such the excellent Brownell’s kit. Caution: You must file ATF Form 1, pay NFA tax, and get approval first. After trimming, the standard Krinkov AK flash suppressors or silencers will attach.

See attached photo #3 for example SBR. Note: All photos are file photos, don’t have any actual pics because gun is NIB. Or, if the SBR path isn’t to your liking; then there are several mfrs making “dummy” suppressors that slip over the barrel and make for a very cool-looking set up.

A real rugged go anywhere-do anything rifle; perfect bug-out, or pack gun when folded. Have box, manual, sling, and offering with 1 original 10-round mag.

Asking $1550 cash for local pickup; no trades needed. If the ad is up, this item is still available...thx.

Need mags? Also 7 additional hi-cap mags, the very desirable Circle 10 Bulgarian 30-rounders. These mags are getting kind of pricey, at $60-$80 each. (1 mag shown in pic, attached to gun.) TAKE IT ALL PRICING: $1850 for gun and all mags. Mags only available to the buyer of the rifle, absolutely not for sale separately.