Got Ammo? WE DO!

We are open! See our ESSENTIAL BUSINESS statement and store policies in the photo above. 

We have NOT increased our regular prices. We will not price gouge. We are limiting purchases to one box of ammo, per caliber, per person, per day so that during the current national COVID-19 crisis, all of our customers can get at least enough of what they need to exercise their right to keep and bear arms under the Second Amendment and their right to defend themselves under North Carolina Law.

AS OF April 16 at 11:00 AM we have:

45 ACP
7.62 x 39 
12 ga. Shotshell

2O ga. Shotshell 
.308 in clips with bandoliers

We also have:
17 HMR
22 Magnum 
22 Hornet
243 Win
25 Auto
260 Rem
270 Win
30 Luger
300 Win Mag
300 Savage
32 ACP
32 S&W
38 Special
38 Super

380 ACP
357 Magnum
41 Magnum
44 Magnum
444 Marlin
450 Marlin
45 Long Colt
5.56 / .223 - one box per person, per day, while supplies last
9x18 Makarov
.12 Guage Mini-Shells
410 Slug Ammo


We are located at 957 Riverside Drive, Asheville, NC, across the street from Silverline Plastics. Look for the green monster truck in our parking lot, and please, for safety and social distancing, no more than 4 customers are allowed in the shop at one time. You can help us stay open for you by not getting us sick!

(No Dealers Please)

As an essential business, WE ARE OPEN 11 to 4 Tuesday through Friday. 


Laid off? Need cash? We buy guns and ammo. 

Can't find the caliber you need? Trade your gun for one in a more favorable caliber. We have a good selection of handguns. We also have a limited supply of shotguns and rifles. 

(NORTH CAROLINA requires a pistol permit or concealed carry permit for pistol purchses, and background checks for long gun purchases).