Remington AR15 never fired in Mossy Oak Camo.

YES I still have it if you see post.   

MUST be a KY Resident and over 21.  CCW preferred.    Email only please.  Low ballers will be ignored.  Only take CASH!!!!   Price is CASH Today and CASH Tomorrow. 

Will not travel far due to past NO Shows or someone shows up and they are an IN Resident Etc.   If you are not a KY resident this must go through an FFL.

Federal law for interstate gun sales and other transfers – those occurring between two people who are not Federal Firearm Licensees (FFLs) who live in different states — is pretty straightforward. A person who is not an FFL cannot acquire a handgun from anyone – an FFL or any other person – who lives in another state. A person (the “transferee”) acquiring a long gun must do so through a licensed dealer (FFL)