For sale/trade is a great condition SVT-40. It is an arsenal refurbished rifle imported in the small batch in the early 90s by CDI before the importation of these was cut off. As such, they have become quite hard to find. This one is in excellent refurb matching condition, except for the magazine which is an original but is not matched to the rifle, which is the norm for these. Bore is very bright and sharp, with crown also in excellent condition. Rifle is quite accurate and functions reliably using modern non-corrosive ammuntion at a gas setting of 1.5. Also have sling and gas adjustment/takedown tool.

**Update** Recently acquired another original SVT mag that I can include for the right deal. It's a Bulgarian refurb magazine of the late war variety in excellent condition that fits the rifle very well and has operated without issue.

I also have a great original SVT bayonet included which is also of wartime Izhevsk manufacture and in excellent shape with scabbard and original leather strap included. Has a bit of cosmoline in the corners of the scabbard as can be seen in pic. These are about as hard to find as the rifles themselves and pretty expensive when you do. Makes for a very nice set.

I am not in any rush to part with it, and am mostly curious to see what is out there. 

Mostly only interested in trades for pre-ban Chinese AK-47 type rifles at this time. Polytech and Norinco AK-47 style rifles primarily, not looking for post ban MAK-90s thanks. May consider other WWII era semi auto rifles. If you have a fair offer feel free to run it by me as the worst I can say is no thanks.

Feel free to text me at 231-six90-O675. Can always provide more pictures and info if interested.