Today we have a Finnish M28 Mosin Nagant for sale. Quick disclaimer, the more you look the worse it gets. That being said still a functional firearm, just modified. This looks to be a mostly numbers matching Finnish Mosin. However it has obviously had some work done. We have taken to calling it a Mad Max Mosin. The barrel has been chopped to 19.5" with a pretty crude "crown". Someone took some rough grit sandpaper to it looks like and sanded the edge round. The bore is dark and rifling is there, but could be some pitting present. Since the barrel was chopped the front sight went with the other half of the barrel and so... someone put a hose clamp on the barrel, which surprisingly works particularly well as a front sight. The finish on the stock has been redone, but rather poorly. There are tons of runs all over the stock. Most of the metal surfaces on this gun including the interior and exterior of the receiver, bolt, magazine, and chamber are all rust free and in good shape. The butt plate is in decent shape with no major wear.