The AGM-1 (also known as AGMi) carbine was initially developed as a select-fire SMG for police and military forces, and evolved into a semi-automatic carbine. It was intended to serve both in the military as a reliable bullpup SMG, and in police forces as a pistol caliber semi-auto carbine, using common pistol magazines.The weapon is very rare, with less than 100 made.

Uses Browning Hipower mags, one included. Very nice condition.

I am a home based FFL located in Spanish Springs, NV. If you have a current NV CCW the $25 NICS background fee will be waived. If no CCW then a background check will be done that is $25. I do have to collect sales tax on all gun sales in Nevada. Will ship to your FFL of choice.  Must be 21 yrs or older  to purchase. Please check your state laws.

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