Up for Sale is my M1 Garand in 30-06.  Rifle is in good to very good condition, no rust or pitting on the metal and stock is very clean with just a couple marks.  I would consider it to be Service Grade.

Receiver is in the 3 million range, putting manufacture in or around Feb/Mar 1945.  Barrel serial does not match (rifle serial is from Springfield circa 1965).  Stock has the P cartouche on the grip and Acceptance markings on the rear of the stock.

Rifle functions flawlessly and will make an excellent shooter for your collection.  I will include several 8 and 5 round clips along with 2 boxes of 30-06 ammo.

She needs a good home.

Not looking to trade (unless it is such an over the top offer).  FTF deal in the Sarasota area. Buyer must be 21 years or older and show a valid FL DL and FL CWP.  A bill of sale will be provided.

Asking $1200.