Uberti's reproduction of "The Gun that Won the West" Winchester 1873.  Marked "A Uberti" and "Cabelas Sidney, NE".

This is the Long Range or Special Sporting model with 30 inch octagonal barrel in deep, glossy blue.  9.5 lbs. so it recoils less than a .22WMR.

14+1 capacity .45 Long Colt.

Case hardened receiver, brass elevator block, leather wrap on lever, rear lever retainer latch and lever safety plunger. Buckhorn rear sight, post front sight. Current elevation set to ring 4" steel at 100 meters

Glossy walnut, crescent steel butt plate.  A few marks in the stock, 1 mark on the barrel, I'd rate it 97%.

If you've always wanted a Winchester 1873 like Jimmy Stewart's, this one is the one to have.