Great rifle for sale.  Armslist will only allow 1 or 2 pics.  If 1 pic only works the picture of the action sz it all.  IT IS NOT A PRE 64 (BUT THE ACTION WORKS THE SAME).  You can access the firint pin in the field and do a quick field cleaning of the bolt if necessary (you do have access to the firing pin like on the pre-64).                                                                                                                 The stock is a beautiful piece of Mahogany with a cheekpad  with no visible dings, scartches, etc.......The bluing is also nice with no rust or pitting seen.  It is a .270.
I am open to trades but it would take you buying 1 other gun that just came available plus some cash on my part.  However if you think we could get there I would be interested in a Coonan, Python, maybe a Detective Special or King Cobra.  If you TEXT ( I won't pick up calls from numbers I don't know) include the subject matter please and I would gladly call you back as soon as I see the text.  My number is 218 three four nine, seven 9 1 five.  Thank you.
I never had a chance to punch holes with it but from what Im told is the rifle is zeroed in and the groupings are very small
I have resigned I am losing money.  I just lowered the price.  If you know Winchesters you know this bolt action is almost golden.  I am already losing money and dont want to lose much more but make me an offer.  The absolute worst is I comeback with another offer.  The date, action and barrel date are worh alot.  The stock is great also.  There is no way you will lose on this.  A 270 will take anything you need here.  Ive never been up on requirements and equipment for prairie dogs????