All Springfield M-1 Garand . Looks to have the orginal barrel with the reciver .
Rifle was made in between MAY-June of 43 according to the serial and barrel marking Barrel is dated 6-43 Muzzel reading is 1+ throat is 3 + 
I have shot this rifle and found it to be very very accurate . I was able to get touching groups at 100 yards firing PPU 30-06 148 gr bullets .
Rifle has a ciricle P marked on the pistol grip All the major parts are springfiled ..
This is a fantastic M-1  for the money .
Looking for cash only no trades please   FTF Can FA-10 . 
Please do not waste my time haggling .
Will ship to verified FFL  funds would be US postal MO + 40 for shipping FED-EX