Dark green exterior, black interior with woodgrain. Over 200k miles. This is a station wagon with 60/40 folding rear seat and a detachable luggage cover. The windows are tinted, kind of dark, it's legal for a station wagon (same rule as for an SUV) but you may need to convince the inspection station of this, or just pull the tint decals off.

The good:
- Diesel engine, can get 40mpg highway, 30mpg city
- Runs well, reliable vehicle
- Pioneer touchscreen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto
- Reverse camera installed and working properly
- Sunroof, leather seats, woodgrain dash. Interior in excellent condition except driver seat as noted below. Made in Germany

The bad:
- Paint clearcoat peeling on hood and roof
- Rust on passenger front wheel well
- I think it was in a wreck before I had it
- AC stopped working in 2019 (I think it needs a new compressor)
- Driver seat ripped
- Driver front tire has a slow air leak and should probably be replaced

The diesel:
- Be aware it idles significantly louder than most modern cars, and there can be a diesel odor.