Unfired in box , Colt SAA New Frontier in .45 Colt. Wearing a 7.5 Inch barrel and adjustable target sights. (The sights are what makes the New Frontier different from the standard Colt Single Action Army) Gun still has original packing grearse on it. Cylinder looks unturned. The box is in bad condition ,outer liner is missing end flaps, manual and warning tape intact. Frame has beautiful case colors with deep Bluing on cylinder and barrel. Smooth wood grips with Colts ramparts medallions. Great big bore Colt for hunting or target shooting, or keeping the bad guys at bay around home base. Made in late 1970s by the craftsmen in Hartford Ct. USA.
MN buyer needs MN state ID and permit.
Buyer residing outside of MN pays $30 shipping to local FFL for transfer.