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Springfield Armory recently released advanced information on three new entries from the company’s SAINT line of pistols. While Springfield didn’t release a ton of info, we were able to obtain some preliminary dope on what is sure to be a popular model, the SAINT Edge PDW.

Springfield SAINT Edge PDW Details

“We wanted to give our customers an early ‘sneak peek’ at some exciting new SAINT pistols we have been developing over the past year,” Springfield Armory VP of Marketing Steve Kramer told Personal Defense World. “Each brings something innovative to the Springfield Armory line-up, and offers exciting new options for all of the SAINT fans out there.”

The radically compact SAINT Edge PDW features a 5.5-inch barrel. Chambered in 5.56mm, the PDW measures a mere 18.75 inches overall (with brace collapsed), making it incredibly compact. We see this cut down pistol serving well for home defense or in the vehicle. The pistol utilizes a Maxim Defense SCW brace. Meanwhile, a 20-round PMAG and short, Reptilla CQG pistol grip rounds out the micro-sized package.

In late 2019, Springfield released the SAINT Pistol, featuring upgraded components and a retail price of just $849. With a 9.6-inch barrel, M-LOK BCM Gunfighter handguard, forward handstop and more, that SAINT served as a solid introductory model. Now with the updated SAINT Edge PDW goes further, by going smaller. Springfield delivers a shorter, more compact AR-style pistol to meet growing demands of defensive shooters.