5xxxxx S/N March 1942 Springfield Reciever
Febuary 1952 Springfield Barrel
50s Springfield Trigger group
50s HRA Bolt
50s IHC Op Rod
Reproduction Stock
National Match style sights

Beautiful Rifle, Shoots very well, I aquired it 2 years ago and immediately sent it to a Professional Gunsmith to check it over and clean it, he said it was one of the finest Garands that he's ever been through mechanically, can't remember bore and throat readings but he said it was no where close to needing a barrel, the only thing he said that shown any signs of wear compared to the rest of the rifle was the OP rod but he said nothing to worry about any time soon. I've put MAYBE 80 rounds through it since I've owned it, 100% reliable and Incredibly Accurate for a War Rifle.

Not really looking to sell but will for the right price
NO LOWBALLERS not hurting to get rid of it

TRADES CONSIDERED: Smith and Wesson Revolvers
High End Pistols
Mil Surps
Precision Rifles or Precision .22LR "Trainer" Rifles
PCCs and PDWs
High End AK rifles
High End AR Rifles/Pistols (BCM, LWRC, etc. etc.) (NO HOME BUILT rifles)
High End Custom Knives by reputable makers
High End Watches,
Gold and Silver.

Just let me know what you have, worst I can do is say no.