Ended up with more brass than I'll ever need. This is a bag of approximately 515 (rough weight count) WW LP 45 ACP. They were deprimed and cleaned. Probably acid or maybe with SS pins or such as the interior of the shells and primer pockets are immaculate. I did a heavy sample of the headstamps. No excessive extractor marks or ejection dings. Photos tell the story. These were not hand picked....just a sample.

I also 100% SORTED (and that ain't an iron clad guarantee....but I tried) the mouths and such. Only had 2 splits. My BEST estimate is that at least 50% - 75% or more are ONCE fired. That is based on the case luster and also the interior of the cases. There appear to be two different lots. One has the light cannelured groove and the others do not. The non-grooved are the majority.

Pickup in Raleigh (10 Minutes South of Farmer's Market - I440 Exit 297) $40

Ship via Priority Mail.  INSURED and TRACKING $45

Will accept PayPal Friend/Family TRANSFER.  Have over a 600 rating on eBay as well as active on other local gun forums.  I will NOT stiff you.

Thanks for looking