Wildey Survivor 10" .45 Win Mag/.475 Wildey, Used, 90% condition

Buy it online at https://copsgunshop.net/shop/wildey-survivor-10-45-win-mag-475-wildey/.  All FFL rules and regs apply.  Buyer pays shipping or sales tax.  Sorry, no trades. 

Made famous by Charles Bronson in one of the Death Wish movies.

Barely used in great condition.  This model comes with two slides/barrels, one chambered in .45 Winchester Magnum and one chambered in .475 Wildey.

Also comes with 200 rounds of .45 Win Mag, 200 rounds of .475 Wildey, 300 Gold Dot .475 bullets for reloading, extra brass, and reloading dies for .475.