Have a U.S forest service truck that was a dozier & equipment hauler. The truck has had a new crate 427 good wrench motor & a rebuilt 5spd trans put in it both have less than 50 thousand miles on them, the 4spd auxiliary is still original same with the 34 thousand pound rears. Truck has very little rust in cab but needs a passenger side door as the one on it has the mirror bolts & mounts tore from logs & other stuff hitting/pulling on the mirror frame. Truck will need some tires & other work to be used on the road but we used it mostly for off road hauling/pull out truck. Truck has air brakes & power steering & has the gears for creeping along/hard pulling to interstate 70-90mph driving as with 20 gears forward & 4 reverse speeds there's a gear for any type driving. My dad was going to shorten the 18ft rails & remove the pulling tandems & put a big single speed in it but never did. Truck has been sitting & was tied up in a estate & set for several years. Truck will need a fresh tune up as it hasn't had one since 02 & some other work such as a top radiator hose, & all new fan/air compressor belts as the ones on it are very old along with the saddle tank needs to be drained of the 8-9 yr old gas in it. Truck will be sold as pictured it runs & drives but I would recommend truck being hauled if going on a long trip as all air tanks need to be drained & brakes adjusted up. Truck has been sitting over a year in video but cranked easy but brakes felt weak due a bad/slipping air compressor belt & water in tanks as it was on a cold day. Please read ad above & understand that truck is being sold as pictured & watch the attached video so you don't waste my time or  yours due to its not a new truck but could be an awesome truck with work. Truck will be sold with a bill of sell.  I'm asking $2150 or will trade for landscape trailer or zero turn lawnmower or just try me worse I can say is no thanks.
To save my time & buyers time a time & date will be set for buyer to look at truck where the truck sits on my cousins place & at the time when we are to meet an address will be sent to the interested buyer & if a no crap buyer buys the said truck that day & can not move it/ remove it from the property then I can have them put in touch with my cousin who owns the property where said truck sits so the two of them can work a time for the truck to be removed as I will not need to be there at that time.
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