We have a used Smith & Wesson 22A1 pistol for sale. This pistol comes chambered in .22LR with a 4" barrel. This comes as shown in pictures with (2) total magazines. This is in Very Good Used Condition. Overall we would grade at approx 98%. The 22A is a hammer-fired, semi-automatic .22 caliber pistol. The enclosed hammer rotates in the frame, hitting the rear of the firing pin in the slide, which then hits the rim of the chambered round. After chambering the first round by pulling back and releasing the slide, each firing ejects the spent cartridge, cocks the hammer, and then strips a new round from the magazine and loads it into the chamber. The hammer is automatically cocked, and pulling the trigger simply releases it. This results in a lower trigger pull force unlike a double-action pistol where the trigger must first cock the hammer and then release it. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions.


Priced at $225.00 with sales tax included. Must be 21yrs or older and pass a background check.


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