This listing includes the first batch of a large number of personally-owned firearms for sale. It's a new year and my plan is to trim down, in more ways than one.

Please read the entire post before asking questions that will probably be answered if you'll take the time to do your part first. Questions such as, "Is it still available?" and "What's your lowest price?" will be ignored.

As this venue limits the number of items that can be posted at one time, I will include a link to separate page where one can view the items I currently have on offer, with full descriptions, photos, and prices. I will edit the link as needed; if an item is still posted it is still available, so there's no need to ask. My game plan is to sell each one at the reasonable price posted. I will consider trades of one or more item, but my only real interest at this time would be an M1 Carbine, M1 Garand, or bolt-action 308. Would consider M14/T57 or AK47 magazines to even up a possible trade. Please take the time to look at all of the items listed so you don't offer me something in trade that I am selling elsewhere on the page (it has happened already).

More items are likely to be posted on this page over the coming weeks so please stay tuned. Items sold are indicated as such as soon as possible after the sale.

ITEMS CURRENTLY FOR SALE/TRADE (Most include accessories. See link for offer details):

Beretta 3032 Tomcat, 32ACP - $350
Beretta 70S, 380 ACP - $450
FN 1922, 7.65 Browning (32ACP) - $450
Glock model 36, 45ACP - $450
Glock model 37, 45GAP - $325
H&R Self-Loading 32, 7.65 Browning (32ACP) - $295
H&R "The American" 38S&W - $150
SCCY CPX-1 with laser, 9mm - $250
SIG P230, 380ACP, $425
Star FireStar Plus, 9mm. $395
Tisas Government-Style 1911 (Two), 45ACP - $695 for both or $375 each*
Walther P38, 9mm - $550

HERE'S THE LINK TO PHOTOS & DETAILS: If you've visited recently please be sure to refresh your browser so you can see the latest changes.

I am a CCP holder. Your current NC handgun purchase permit or CCP will be required. This is not negotiable.

Please note that I have other items currently posted that are not included on this list. Please see my other listings to view other things I currently have up for sale/trade.

If it's posted and you see it, it's still available so there's no need to ask. For fastest response, please txt to 828 4three2 six6six4.