I have a ole legend up for sale or possible trade. This was my dad's truck for 35+ years & was always a good truck for what it is. Truck came with a 366 5 & 2 spd rear with air brakes & power steering but in the middle 70's the motor was up graded to a 427 with a clark 5spd trans & a heavier duty 2 spd rearend, that made the truck a better truck since he quit hauling 5-6ft pulpwood & started hauling logs & lumber. The truck got tied up in an estate & set for several years till I bought it thru the court system & got it running. The last tune up for the truck was in the mid 90's points, plugs etc. The truck runs drives & stops every time I go to it, from sitting year to year or I have left it sitting for several years & have had no problems with getting it up & going. Truck has good tires but one that was cut from someone that didn't have nothing to do but destroy stuff where I have stuff stored. The truck has a heavy built log bed with trip standards & will easly haul 12 -1400 foot of 8ft being the least length to 12ft logs , 18 ft being the max length that we hauled without tandems under the truck. Truck has radial 11r 22.5 on rear & 10.00-20's on front the front tires where bought new & put on the truck before truck was retired. Truck runs & drives good & has no mechanical problems but needs a fresh tune -up & a good wash & clean up. Truck will be sold with a bill of sell & can be drove if buyer choose's to do so or hauled as I can't say it would make a 100 mile trip or it wouldn't but always worked for us hauling stuff from day to day before retired. Truck also has a trailer hitch for pintle or ball hitch trailer hook up. I'm selling the truck as pictured & please be sure to read ad above/watch the attached video that was made on a cold day & truck had been sitting from the past year burning 2-3yr old gas & understand that I don't have time for tire kickers, or someone wanting to spend all day looking for a new truck out of it as it's 50+ yrs old & has rust, faded 30yr old paint but is just simply a good pulling mountain truck that is old & slow but is a money maker & is useful in many ways. I'm asking $2300 or will trade for something that is more useful to me such as a 6x10 or bigger landscape trailer or a commercial grade zero turn lawnmower or something try me the least I can say is no thanks.
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