I have several brand new muzzleloaders for sale. Willing to trade for items at the end of the post. 

CVA Optima V2 The Edge Camo .50 includes scope--------------------$300

CVA Wolf SS Rifle with Scope .50 cal break action in-line--------------$200

Traditions Buckstalker .50 Ready to Hunt Pack-------------------------$225

Traditions Pursuit G4 Ultralight Rifle Cerakote SS----------------------$225

I have multiples of most of these, but only one of the Optima. 

Trades: ARs, uppers and lowers, Glock 19 slide and barrel Gen 3, Glock mags, Mini 14 Ruger brand 30-round mags, Ruger 10/22, takedown model would be great, 17 HMR ammo, 270 rifle 

I'm willing to pay cash difference if you have some nice stuff that's worth more than the muzzleloader.