This war horse has been in our family for about 90 years.  First my GR, then my Uncle, then his son and now me and it was passed to me about 48 hours before my first cousin died.  I know it it works because I was told that a previous owner had shot himself in the leg with it in the 30s I think , then a first cousin shot a floor model radio in the 40s with it and it never worked again. I will ship to a FFL holder.
Shipping policy:

My policy, if you are a South Carolina Resident you show me your valid CWP and your driver's license and I will photograph them, then you  pay me and you get the gun. 


If you want gun shipped advise me of the address the package will go to.  I will weigh package and get a shipping quote from FEDEX or UPS, your choice and notify you.

You get US Postal Money Order(s) for the total amount  of gun and shipping and send them with a SIGNED COPY  of your local dealer's FFL and his shipping address.  If you have a CWP from your state I need a scan of that along with a scan of your driver's license.

That way I make one trip to town, cash the postal money orders at PO, go to shipping point and show them the FFL of where it is going and pay for the shipping  and send you a tracking number and a scan of the shipping paperwork.

I live 25 miles from town so I drive 50 miles just to ship and the post office is within a couple of miles of UPS/FEDEX shipping points.

I have been advised by my credit union that  Cashier's Checks are not advisable and they take time to  clear and they told me there is a big market on phony cashier's checks these days so they deposit the check but I can't get the money until it clears which I am told is upwards of a week and at times longer.   On the other hand the  post office puts in the numbers of the Money Orders  and they know immediately if  they are  good and they give you the cash money which works for me.