For sale is a nice condition PSL/FPK 7.62x54r semi-auto rifle.  It comes with two mags and the mag pouch, nothing more.  Overall, nice condition, the metal finish has light marks here and there just like most AK style rifles.  The internals look great and the bore looks good as new.  The stock is in good shape, but I would refinish it in a more even redwood type stain if I were to keep it.  The barrel length on this one is 18.5", so would make a great hard hitting hog or brush rifle vs. the std. length 25" barrel.  The cheek rest needs another screw as the one on it got stripped somehow or you can leave it off.  This is a TGI rifle and had, likely still has, the best reviews of any of the PSL/FPK/ROMAK rifles on the market as far as reliability and accuracy go.  This rifle's trigger group has already been upgraded to the TAPCO G2 as the standard trigger was pretty bad IMO.  I can send many more pics if needed.

$1,650 in cash or better in trade.  Cheapest one I can find online and still in stock right now is the Century Arms PSL and it would run almost $2,000 after shipping and fees and some places selling for higher.

Not really looking for any trades, except maybe another AR-10, but will consider offers.  On any trade offers, if you do not mention adding cash or other, I will assume you want a straight trade and respond accordingly.

Thanks for looking and must be legally able to own a firearm in TX!