I have a 1946 Izveshk Mosin Nagant M44. The gun itself is in great shape. The only pitting the rifle has is on the bolt handle, and even that is a very small amount. The rifling is in good shape, barrel has no pitting, and no rust. I have an original sling, and a leather wrap for the butt that hold 6 rounds that I’ll throw in as well. The stock has dents and the finish is beat up but it’s only cosmetic, in my opinion it gives the rifle great character. The butt plate, the stock itself, and the handguard all have matching serial numbers. The bolt is the only thing that has a different serial number, most likely due to a military refurbish. I’ve taken great care of it, kept it well oiled and clean, all of the cosmoline has been cleaned off of it, so it’s ready to shoot once you have it. If you’re into milsurp rifles this is a great option. I’m having a baby and just want to make some extra cash to save.