For Trade consideration a US Model 1914 (Patton) Sabre made 1918 in fantastic musuem quality shape with original issue picket pin and leather scabbard.   Looking to trade for military guns as I am not a collector of the other military stuff other than bayonets to go on my rifles.  I will also accept trades of modern military style weapons and accesories.   Before you ask what my Cash price is I will tell you I have no Idea as I dont collect these things.  This and the Picket pin was A thow in on a deal to make value and I allowed 700.00 for it.  Any Cash offer needs to be subantantially more than 700.00 or dont offer.  If that is overpriced for the item well at the end of the day I still have the Sabre.   I will ship if buyer pays shipping costs in advance or I can verify your Identity prior to shipping. if you have somthing I really like I might waive this restriction.