If the ad is up this piece is still for sale.

Late war 1944 production, and given the nice shape it's in have to wonder if it ever saw service. One of the best I've ever seen, I'd actually call it XLNT rather than VG+++!

This is Finland's Mosin Nagant chambered in the Russian/ Soviet 7.62 x54r cartridge. The Finns rebarreled/restocked the Mosin Nagant receiver to make a new, better, classic rifle.
The barrel markings are 1944, "VKT" (Valtion Kivaarithedas State Factory), "D" ( can use the stronger D166 round), and "SA" for Suomen Armeija (sp?), which I believe means People's Army.

Barrel, hex receiver, and bolt serial numbers all match, floor plate and butt plate are not numbered.
Cleaning rod is present, bore looks very nice and is NOT counterbored.  Bluing is conservatively 95%, and the stock looks fresh, can't find any dents or nicks on it.

Don't have a strong camera, so best seen in person. Will add more details and pics later.  
For local PPT FFL sale in the South Bay LA area, thanks for looking!