We have a used Surplus Remington Rand M1911A1 U.S. Army Stamped 1911 for sale. This pistol comes chambered in .45ACP with a 5" barrel. This comes as shown in pictures with (1) non factory magazine. Remington Rand was awarded its first order on March 16th, 1942, for a total of 125,000 1911A1 pistols. The company had no experience building pistols at the time it was awarded the contract. By March of 1945 they where building the lowest price pistol in the war effort and quality was considered second to none. By the end of the war Remington Rand had produced over 875,000 pistols, almost as many as Colt (628,808) and Ithaca (335,467) combined. The serial number places it in within the late to 1944-45 time frame, and the correct proof markings you will find on a USGI Remington Rand. There could be other markings applied from arsenals, other inspectors or even field units, the three found on the pistol where required markings for the pistol to enter service. This is in Good Used Surplus Condition, but does show some finish wear as seen in the pictures. Check out the pictures and feel free to call or email with any questions.


Priced at $1500.00 with sales tax included. Must be 21yrs or older and pass a background check.


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