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For sale/trade is my Molot Vepr AK pattern rifle chambered in 7.62x54r  the gun is NOT chambered in 7.62x39

Price is just my guess on value based on the rifles I have seen on gun broker. Putting a $2000 dollar value on the gun. 1800 cash  or 2k trade value.

The gun is a dragunov mimic and has some nice looking red stained wood and a flash hider to mimic an SVD rifle. It came in through Atlantic in this form and I have the original box for it with two five round and two ten round single stack mags. I have put about 2 or 3 boxs of ammo through it. No corrosive stuff. These guns will not be coming back to the US as far as I know and its a bit more collectable than other AK rfles out there. Looked up some guns on GunBroker and its a bit hard to guess at a price. The barrel is 24 inches and cold hammer forged and chrome lined. As far as I know this model is not coming back to the US and price is hard to guess at couldn't find a lot listed here or on gun broker. Midwest industries makes some cool stuff for it as well.

I require a bill of sale and want to see an AZ driver's licence to match your name to the bill of sale. Must be a legal possessor

Text me at 2 2 4 _ 3 8 3 _ 4 0 5 1 the emails here are funky and half the time people forget to confirm the message and it never comes through the system. If you email me check to see if you got a confirmation email.

Keywords: Century, Saiga, Russian, Russia, AK, AK47, zastava, yugo, Sporter, PSL, SVD, ras47, arsenal, sam7 

Trades Im interested in -------
-Arsenal AK pattern rifles (No century AK47 pattern rifles I already have a WASR)
-CZ hanguns, P01 Omega, Shadow 2/Shadow Orange, Tactical Sport - in 9mm
-Benelli Shotguns
-CZ Scorpion EVO
- A good AR15 with decent optics
-Left handed precision bolt guns in good magnum calibers (savage stealth etc, etc, etc)
-Some Historical WW1 + WW2 rifles
-Beretta 92 Elite (langdon) LTT Compact
-Other competition handguns like the CZ tac sport or shadow 2

Really don't want to add cash from me for a trade unless it's something special or something I really want.  I'm okay with multiple gun trades for it or a gun plus cash or cash alone.