Pac West import marked Mosin 91/30.

This boring old refurbished laminate stocked Russian rifle is what it is, but here's what sets it apart...

She's threaded and adapted to accept a silencer and has a Timney trigger installed.  It shoots like no other I have owned with a can attached...very accurate and I have owned and shot Finnish Nagants.  This one keeps up with them all and exceeds a few in regards to accuracy.  It can be tweaked a little more with a proper action bedding job with pillars.  I haven't even started working up loads other than subsonics. 

Included are the following extras:

21 stripper clips (original surplus)
cleaning accessories with pouch
original sling
twelve (12) 20-rd boxes (233 rounds) of factory loaded reloadable brass cased ammo of various weights. (~$230 value)
9 boxes of 20-rd subsonic 180gr reloads
RCBS reloading dies
370 pieces of reloadable brass that has only been ran through this rifle with subsonic reloads after fired with factory loads.
Timney trigger installed

$650.00 for all!

*You won't find a better package deal than this, I promise! 
**Silencer not included.

Please email me with any questions.

I answer all emails within eight hours and encourage all questions.  If you see no reply, check your junk mail folder.

Thanks for looking!