Hi I have a 1998 Kawasaki kx125 2 stroke dirt bike. Last spring it has the top end rebuilt, front new rim and tires replaced at cambridge motorsports and the spokes were tightened and rim aligned. New chain has been installed and sprockets are perfect with no wear to the teeth. Both tired are new and perfect. Has trail permits that are wxpored by the end of this year but good thing is itll only cost you I think $5 or $25 for new ones and they last for years and it'll be easy to get them because the bike is already in their system. New clutch and front brake cables as well as bee clutxh lever set up. Crank case oil was changed every 2-3 rides, when drained there never been and metal shaving in it. Bike is a 6 speed which is rare but super awesome. Very fast when I weighed 217 pounds before my crohns surgery in was clocked at too speed of 74 mph. Now that I'm still trying to gain weight and weigh around 170 I bet its get up to 70-80 mph. I've heard of some people getting them up to 83 and that's stock not bored. If you were to bore this bike out you could easily get 85-90 mph. No tips in seats and only thing this bike needs is a nee slip kn exhaust which runs about $105-$125 and takes about 10 minutes to install yourself, very very easy or if you hy part ill do it for you a new exhaust will also add to the performance and low end torque and also make it sound even cooler. I cleaned out the whole exhausted system with a gun and got all the oil residue burned out because it is an2 stroke. I always followed factory recommendation from factory of a 32:1 oil gas mixture. In the picture it's a little dirty and I haven't had the chance to wash it because of my autom immune disease and fractured ankle. Hate to get rid of it but I got 3 other bikes up north and so in figure it's time to let go of this one since it's not being ridden. It has maybe 4 hours tops since all the work was done last spring. I start it every 2-4 weeks to run old gas through it and the carb. Carb was also cleaned and jetted not too long ago. Great condition for the year and perfect trail bike for bot alot of money. Never raced or jumped. Or crashed. Priced to sell trade value will be higher. $1,100 obo trade value isb$1,350 or best offer. Fron wheel is 21 inches rear wheel is inches, same size as a 250 would be.