Norinco SKS 7.62 x 39, Synthetic OD stock, Shoulder strap, Original wood stock, Bayonet and hardware,  Muzzle brake,(20) 10rd Stripper Clips, 279 rounds of Ammo.

40 rnds Silver Bear 123gr FMJ ammo,
40 rnds S&B 123gr FMJ ammo,
40 rnds PMC AMMO, 123GR FMJ ammo,
40 rnds Tulammo 122gr FMJ ammo,
40 rnds Golden Bear FMJ ammo,
40 rnds Brown Bear 125gr SP ammo,
39 rnds misc ammo

Buyer MUST be 21 and able to legally own/possess a firearm,
show a valid Missouri ID or DL, and sign a Bill of Sale.

Email or text interest to Three1four-five9six-one4three8.

No shipping. FTF only.