MAK 90 underfolder, rare GLNIC import with blued bolt. When these rifles were caught up in the 89 ban importers raced to make them compliant and they came with rear trunnions with stock tangs crudely welded on so they could accept thumbhole stocks - instantly making them sporting rifles (it's magic!). In today's world a normal sane person would just grind the tang off and refinish (read: rattle can) and move on with life. Well the previous owner of this rifle not only didn't remove the tang but cut a slot so a regular stock could be used should you ever decide to remove the underfolder. Why? For the same reason people listen to Luke Bryan, they have shit taste. Luke Bryan is the Nickleback of country music, which is the Nickleback of music genres. Like being the runt of the litter from the runt of the litter (Patrick Kennedy for example). Anyway the rifle functions fine but I'd at least grind off the tang, better yet replace the rear trunnion, I'm including a new rear trunnion and the rivets so it can be done. Threaded barrel has a removable cap, comes with (1) standard capacity mag and no box.

Price listed reflects a 3% cash discount, card payments are not eligible for the 3% dicount.

1600 cash discount price, card price = +3%