Make: Colt

Model:Lawman MK III

Action Type: DA/SA

Caliber: .357 Magnum CTG.

Barrel: 2”

Length: 7.25”

Sight / Optics:
Fixed sights.

Stock / Grips:
Both of the Colt wooden grip panels are securely in place.
The wood has some small dings and marks from typical use, but no cracks or heavy wear/damage.

Bore Condition:
Very good condition – no rust or pitting – strong rifling.

All of the functions are operating correctly.

Overall Condition:
Revolver has been fired and enjoyed, so the finish is not perfect.
There are small scuffs, scratches, and minor blemishes throughout the nickel finish.
Finish is still very nice and a good polishing would make it look even better.
Pistol is fairly clean, with only minor carbon residue present in some areas.
Based on the serial number, this revolver was made in 1976.

Magazines & Accessories:
No additional accessories are included. Listing is only for the revolver.