Radical Firearms FO-13 "Other / Firearm"
5.56 Only
100% NJ Legal Firearm

13" Threaded Barrel w/ Flash Hider
SIG, MFT, SB Brace (Depends upon avail. supply)
30rd mag (10rd mag in NJ & all Restricted States)
New in Box w/ Lifetime Warranty!

This is the answer to the SBR in NJ
Why spend $1300.00 - $1500.00 on a Troy, DSI or Modern Material when you can get an American Made Short Barrel rifle 
with a LIFETIME WARRANTY for a reasonable price..........

4/14/22 :     Now Avail. with OPTIONAL Faux Suppressor (see photos)
                      Make the weapon look like an operator!
                      $60.00 (Installed)
                     Flip-Up Diamond Head Sights also Avail. 
                     $85.00 (Installed)


100% New Jersey Legal - No Restrictions ( Don't have to pin Barrel, Don't have to pin the Brace, ect.)

Troy A4
Modern Material
Other Firearm

SBR, NJ Legal, Short Barrel Rifle, Other, Firearm, Troy, DSI, ect.