I recently traded off my 454 Ruger Alaskan and thought I had included all the ammo in the trade until I found some more in another ammo can. So it’s for sale or trade, if it’s something that you need/want, just let me know. There’s (5) 20rd boxes of .454 Casull Hornady Custom in both 240 grain and 300 grain Jacketed Hollow Points that retail for 25-30 bucks/box. In addition to the .454 ammo, there’s (5) 50rd boxes of 45Long Colt(3 Magtech and 2 Winchester).
Price for the 454 Casull ammo: $240 bucks
Price for the 45LC ammo: $150 bucks
Trave value is is either based on the above discounted amounts or current retail if that's what yours is valued at. 
Trade interests are quality ammo in .300 blackout, 5.56, .308 or 9mm.