Everyone knows what's in a gun safe...  What's better, is hiding your things where no one even knows the're hidden in plain sight.  Discreetly disguised as either shelving or wall art, these items are sure to blend in to your household.  The best thing is that you can safely store your stuff above the reach of kids and still have it accessible at a moments notice should the occasion arise.  Your pistol is no good to you locked up when you need it.    With our simple, yet elegant designs, you can fit any number of things safely inside with our standard high-density closed cell foam.  This type of foam is superior to othes like the pick and pluck due to its resistance to moisture.  All models are 100% handmade by a 3 time combat veteran and 100% real wood; no MDF or fiber board.  All flags are hand etched and charred.  Monograms on the Farmhouse signs are customizable with letters or quotes.  Simple pictures also accepted.  Shelves can come with magnetic catches or hidden locks.  Custom sizes available.  Will Ship.  

Farmhouse Sign - $50
SBR Shelf- $145
Hidden Flag (most popular) - $75