This is a great little gun to round out your collection . . . a 5 shot, 9mm REVOLVER!  It shoots standard 9mm Luger ammo, the most popular round on the planet.  Smith and Wesson had a model just like this they discontinued decades ago but those sell for over $1000 if you can even find them.  This is practcially new and comes with several moon clips and everything in the picture.  I only fired between 50 and 100 rounds through it and I bought it new a few years ago.  I'm paring down and getting out of collecting. 

Shipping will be actual cost.  I can take it to my FFL who charges fees (but can ship it cheaper to your FFL) or I can take it to FEDEX and ship to your FFL myself.  For NC in state buyer I will need your Sheriff's purchase permit or to see your CCW.  I will copy some info and retain it in case the feds ever come a knockin.