Looking to possibly trade off or sell my 60s Egyptian Hakim and a little over 500rds of 8mm Mauser. Trying to focus on just a few things in my collection and this just dosent fit in. Shoots and cycles great. Extremely light shooting for something in 8mm Mauser. I would say it's in really good condition. Most of the ammo is Yugo 193gr ball and the rest is Czech 180gr ball, both come in their own seperate ammo cans. The yugo is still in its 15rd boxes from the factory and the Czech is loose ammo. Its a uncommon rifle for sure and should only go up in value with only 70,000 made and less than that being imported into the states.

Mostly looking to trade into a SVT40 either Russian or Finnish capture multi mosin trade or other interesting milsurps. Possibly interested in other Russian firearms.
Also would consider a M1 Garand or Surplus M1 carbine

If you want more pictures just let me know, asking $1000 cash or best offer
Feel free to txt me anytime at REDACTED