I have a ishapore 2a1 Enfield for sale. These guns were built from the ground up in the 1960's as a stopgap weapon on existing no1mk3 tooling for the Indian Army while they were in the process of adopting the FAL. This particular rifle was professionally converted to mk 5 "jungle carbine" pattern by Gibbs Rifle Company. Overall good condition with no pitting or excessive wear on the rifling. The rear wood handguard is missing, but these can be found for like 20-25 bucks( lee enfield no1mk3 rear wood). Overall a nifty little piece that's loud as heck, smooth as butter, and digests everything I've ran through it.

Prefer cash, but will consider trades( namely alloy m16 or milsurp ak74 mags, a mk2 sten parts kit, or some surplus wood ak furniture)

More pictures are available upon request.