You'll have the most unique gun on the range, that's for sure. 

This futuristic Mosin Nagant MN-AR drop-in bullpup kit from Center Balance Systems was featured and received high marks in the Gear Report review. Google "CBRPS MNAR Mosin Nagant Bullpup kit review" to see it. 

Shoots pretty good for an old Mosin Nagant M44 barreled action.  It is a really fun gun that can be shot with irons or with a scope mounted.
The contoured AG-43 AR pistol grip feels great in the hand.
There are full-length rails on top and bottom for your scope, flashlight, camera, or whatever.
The powerful 7.62x54R round is great for putting holes in things behind things. :)

The kit itself is $325 + shipping from CBRPS, but they are always out of stock.

Some pictures may show an optic or iron sights. No optics or sights are included in this sale. Although the flip-up iron sights can be added for $50.

Local, private, cash sale preferred. Not looking for trades. If you want to propose a trade that is strongly in my favor, be my guest. Otherwise, don't waste your time.

Willing to meet at Quarter Horse Arms for transfer or ship at buyer's expense through Quarter Horse Arms IF I have time to deal with shipping... which isn't likely. 

Payment via cash in person or Walmart to Walmart cash.