*New list as of 21 Oct 2021.  

We are located at 5609 Fayetteville Rd. (401) in Raeford, NC. We are open Mon-Fri 10am-7pm, Saturday 12-6 and Closed on Sunday.
(If we are attending a show we will be closed for the weekend).   

*We are low on Milsurp inventory but we do have new Glocks, Sigs, S&W, CZ's, Beretta's and Canik's to name a few. 
      ~Give us a call if you have any questions. (910) 709-3950. 

Our next gun show is on the 30th and 31st of October in Greenville at the Pitt County Fairgrounds. 

We buy, sell, trade and also do consignments. New guns arrive just about every day. 

*All of our 1903's and M1's have had the Muzzle and Throat Erotion checked as well as the Headspace. The timing was also checked on the M1's.   

Machineguns  * All MG's are in Stock (form 3) in our NC store.

GM Guide Lamp, M3 Grease Gun, Fully Transferable C&R Machine Gun, .45ACP $32K OBO 

We buy Legal Machineguns and parts! 

1918 / BAR Semi-Auto

~Ohio Ordnace Works 1918A3 Self loading Rifle (BAR) 30-06 Semi-Auto NIB $6000


~ATI GSG MP40 Pistol, 9mm 30rd mag NIB $670 

1903 A3's 

~Sold Out

 1911 / 1911A1  

~ Sold out  

~Sold Out

M1 Garand      

~Sold Out             

M1D Garand

~Sold out

M1 Carbine  
~ Winchester M1 Carbine, Winchester barrel, ME+.5, USGI Stock $1700

Mausers, Mosins & German Rifles / Pistols 
~Sold Out 


~Sold Out    

MilSurp Pistols/ Revolver

~Belgian P-35 first year production 1935! (73** Serial range) 9mm Belgian Army Marked All matching, $1800 


~Sold out.  

Winchester Rifles

~Sold Out


~Sold Out 

Colt Revolvers/ Rifles / Pistols    

~Sold Out

S&W / Ruger Revolvers    

~Sold Out  
Russian & Finnish (Mosin-Nagant Rifles etc.) 7.62x54r unless noted. 

~Sold out

AK-47/ 74 & SKS Variants 

~Zastava ZPAP 92 Pistol, 7.62x39, Krink Top cover and Sights, $1000 

NFA *We buy and sell Machine guns and Parts.

~SilencerCo Hybrid, .46 Cal, Great for Pistols and rifles up to 458 SOCOM, $800

~SilencerCo Sparrow 22 $299.99

~Dead Air Primal .46Cal, $929

~Dead Air Wolverine Designed for the AK Platform, 7.62 Cal, $1000

~Rugged Obsidian .45 $850

HK / Clones  
~Sold Out  


~Sold Out

 *We also accept trades and are always looking for other Military guns to buy or place on consignment. We Stock Most Glock and Sig Models Just ask. 

We have AR parts, Eotech's, Glocks, Sigs etc... 
I will post more items and info when I have a chance. 
We are open from 10am-7pm M-F. Come check us out!



~S&W model 1899,  U.S. Army Model, KSM & JTT Marked, SOLD
~Colt Commando, 4", .38Spl, SOLD
~Transferable S&W 76, Sub Machingun, 9mm, SOLD
~Transferable Bridgport (Savage) Thompsom M1A1 SOLD
~Transferable IMI UZI-B, 9mm Sub Machinegun SOLD
~S&W .357 Mag, Pre-Model 27, 5 Screw, SOLD
~German P-08 Luger, DWM 19, SOLD
~P-64, Circle 11, 9mm Mak, SOLD
~Hungarian 37M, .380, SOLD
~Hungarian 43M Rifle, SOLD
~Romanian C.U.R. 2. AK 74, SOLD
~Beretta- Danish Contract (FKF) PB4XX, PB Barrel, SOLD
~Hungarian FEG (Kassnar) SA85M Underfolder, SOLD
~Colt SP1 (R600) .223 Made in 1978, VG/ Ex, SOLD 
~MAS 4956, 7.5 French, Not import marked, SOLD
~S&W 29-2, (1972) Nickel 8-3/8” 44Mag, LNIB W/ Tools and paperwork, SOLD
~KAR 98, Erfurt 1916, 8mm, Non Import, SOLD
~Ithaca M37 Featherlight Stakeout AOW ($5 Tax Stamp), 13.25”, SOLD
~Ruger SP-101 Match Champion SS, .357 Mag, 5rd, 4.2" SOLD
~Egyptian Rasheed, 7.62x39, all matching, SOLD
~Russian 1951 Tula SKS, All matching, SOLD
~Russian 91/30, 1934 Izhevsh, Nice Shape, Matching, SOLD
~Inland M1 Carbine, 703XXX Serial number range. Type 3 sights and Barrel band, SOLD 
~ Remington Rand 1911A1, 1944 original finish 95%+, Nice correct 1911A1!, SOLD
~FN49 Egyptian 8mm, All matching, SOLD
~Norinco M213 9mm, All matching, Exc condition, SOLD
~Finnish M39 Sneak, 1967 barrel, SOLD
~2018 Night Cobra .38 SPL +P, 6rd, Night Sight, SOLD
~K98, byf 44, 8mm, Iraqi Army Marked, SOLD
~Russian TT-33 Tokarev, 1940 Non-Import, 9mm, (Possible Vietnam Bring back?) SOLD
~1873 Third Model Rifle, 32-20, VG Condition, Antique (1895), SOLD
~SA M1D, 202XXXX Serial Range, 2-52 MRT Cheek pad, M84 Scope, T37 Flash Hider, SOLD
~ Smith Corona 1903A3, 4745XXX serial # range, SC 4 groove barrel, SOLD     
~ Smith Corona 1903A3, 4831XXX serial # range, SC rare 6 Groove barrel, SOLD
~Remington 1903A3, 4158XXX serial # range, 1943, Two groove barrel, SOLD
~Cobray M11/ Nine, Transferable Full Auto Sub Machinegun, Form 4 in NC, SOLD
~SVT-40, 1941 Tula, Non import marked, non refurb, SOLD
~Madsen Semi-Auto 8mm, six mags, SOLD 
~Winchester 1897, Made in 1906, SOLD
~Ruger PC Carbine, Takedown, 9mm, Takes SR9 and Glock Mages, 1/2-28 Thread(Sold) 
~S&W 657, First year (1986) 8-3/8” .41Mag, SOLD
~SA 58497XX Serial range, CMP Collector Grade W/ Data sheet, 100% Correct & original, SOLD
~Israeli 98K Short Rifle, Made in Belgium (FN) for Israel in 1950's, 7.62 Nato W/ IDF Crest, SOLD   
~S&W 657, First year (1986) 4” .41Mag, SOLD
~Russian 91/59 Carbine, SOLD
~Finnish M30, SOLD  
~Finnish M39 VKT 1942, SOLD
~Iver Johnson 40th Anniversary(1985) M1 Carbine, ONLY 1945 built, SOLD
~Walther PPS M2 LE model, 9mm 3mags, Phosphate Sights, SOLD ~Walther CCP M2 9mm, SOLD
~Sig Sauer P365 9mm, 10rd, NS, SOLD
~Sears Model 21, Made by Hi Standard, 20 Ga 3" pump, SOLD
~Argentine 1909 Mauser, Crest intact, 7.65 ARG, (7.65x53),SOLD  
~Egyptian Rasheed, 7.62x39, Excellent condition, SOLD 
~New Police .32 Colt, Made in 1905, VG Condition, SOLD
~S&W Model M37-2, Blued,  Airweight, SOLD
~Colt Python, 4" 357, Royal Blue, SOLD
~HRA 55713XX Serial range, CMP Correct Grade, SOLD
~Savage Moel 99-RS, W/ Griffin & Howe Mount, .300 Savage, SOLD
~S&W .22-32 Hand Ejector, Blued, 6", .22lr, SOLD
~Colt 1911A1 .45, C Suffix, Civilian model, Pre- Series 70, 1966, SOLD
~Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle, 5.56, Nice wood stock, SOLD
~HRA CMP Collector Grade W/ Data sheet, 100% Correct & original, SOLD    
~Finnish M91, P-26, SOLD
~Finnish Captured 1891 Cossack(KA3) Rifle, SOLD
~Gew 98, Crown Amberg 1915, SOLD
~H&R M-12, U.S. Marked, HVY barrel Target, .22LR, Unfired, SOLD
~Stevens Model 77C 12Ga W/ Poly choke, SOLD
~Underwood, 100% underwood, 10-43 Underwood barrel,SOLD
~S&W Model 57, Blued, 6", 41 Mag, W/ both original boxes, SOLD
~S&W Model 29-3 Lou Horton Special, 3", SOLD
~S&W 544 Texas 1836-1986 44/40, SOLD
~Egyptin Hakim, 8mm, SOLD
~Eddystone 353XXX serial range, SOLD
~K98 bsw (Berlin-Suhler Waffenwerke) 1937, SOLD 
~FN 1922 Waffenamt (Nazi) Marked,Wa140, SOLD
~Walther PP Late war (Mar-Apr 45')  7.65, SOLD
~Colt Ace (1937-39 range) Pre-War, Not a Service Ace, SOLD
~Russian M44, 1945, SOLD
~SA 5-44 2899XXX Serial number range, SOLD
~Remington 1903, Ser# 33217XX(1941), ME=1.5, Staight stock, Transition Model, SOLD
~Chinese Type 85, Military Model (Dragunov SVD), 7.62x54r, Not a PSL, Tiger or NDM-86! Not Import marked, SOLD
~No. 5 Mark 1(1945) Jungle Carbine, 303, SOLD
~Smith-Corona, 1903A3, Ser# 47861XX(1944), SOLD
~Finnish M39, VKT 1942, SOLD
~Finnish M30, Tikka, 1944, SOLD 
~Winchester 1892 Lever Action, .38WCF(38-40), 24" round barrel, SOLD
~Ithaca Model 37DV/ Deluxe Vent Rib, 12Ga, SOLD
~Browning 12Ga Twelvette Double Auto, Brown Anodized Aluminium receiver, 2 Shot, SOLD 
~Mauser 1934, Kreigsmarine!Eagle over M(Nazi Navy) Matching Mag, Unit Marked (0.4005) Baltic Sea Fleet, Sold 
~Ruger New Model Single-Six, 22LR, 6.5", Made in 1979, SOLD
~Remington 522 Speedmaster.22, SOLD
~Walther P38, AC 43, SOLD
~Geco Model 33 .22lr Trainer, 1930's W/ original sling, SOLD
~Springfield Armory, 9-44 w/ 9-47 SA Barrel, SOLD
~Colt 1911 Ser# 514XXX(1918), Black Army, SOLD
~Colt Python .357 6" Royal Blue, Nice shape with some holster wear, No Box, made in 1968, SOLD
~Luger .30 Cal, 1920 Commercial Model, SOLD
~Inland, M1 Carbine, .30 Carb, SOLD
~Mauser S/42 (1937) Luger 9mm, SOLD
~FN 1905/1906, 6.35(25ACP)1914, SOLD
~Stevens Ideal, Standard Grade, 32 Rimfire, SOLD
~Colt 1903, .32 Made in 1925, SOLD
~FN P1935 High power, Nazi marked, WaA140, 1943, SOLD
~Ithaca 1911A1 Ser# 1255XXX(1943)SOLD
~Marlin 917V 17HMR, w/ Scope and wood stock, SOLD
~Winchester 9422 XTR, 22S,L,LR, 20" Deluxe Takedown, SOLD 
~Browning BL-22 Grade II, 22S,L,LR, 20", SOLD   
~Ithaca Model 37 Ultra Featherlite, 20Ga, 2-3/4, 24" SOLD
~Eddystone, Made in Sept of 1918, SOLD
~Colt 1911 (1916), Agusta Arsenal Rebuild, WWII Remington Rand Slide, SOLD
~1903 Rock Island 400,XXX Serial number range(1920) 30-06, SOLD
~ No. 4 MK I, .303, SOLD
~Ithaca 1911A1 Ser# 1464XXX(1943) SA rebuild, SOLD
~H&R U.S.R.A. (195) 4th Variation, Like New in the Box! SOLD
~Remington Model 14, .32, SOLD
~Sauer Und Sohn (CE) 42, K98, SOLD
~Walther PP Post War(1972) 9mm Kurz (.380ACP) SOLD
~Colt 1911A1 Ser# 1197XXX(1943) Rebuilt WWII Remington Rand Slide, SOLD
~Marlin 1893, 38-55, 30" Octagonal Barrel, SOLD
~No 4. MK I (T) Sniper, .303, 1945 rifle with No. 32 Mark I Scope (1941) SOLD
~Inland M1A1 Paratrooper, RIA Rearsenal on stock, SOLD
 ~Winchester Feb 44', SOLD
~Winchester Model 290 Deluxe .22( S, L and LR) Semi-Auto,SOLD
~Winchester Model 190 .22( S, L and LR) Semi-Auto,SOLD
~Beretta 21A, .25ACP SOLD
~Browning 1910 7.65mm(32 ACP) SOLD
~Norinco SKS, All matching, Exc condition, SOLD
~Savage No 4 MK I* U.S. Property Marked, SOLD 
~Walther G43, AC 44, SOLD
~Inland Div.(1942) 921xxx Serial number, SOLD    
~Marlin 92', 32 Rimfire, SOLD
~Indian Ishapore .308, SOLD
~Remington (No. 4) Rolling Block, .32 Rimfire, SOLD 
~L.C. Smith (Marlin) Double barrel 20Ga SOLD
~Colt 1911 .45 Centennial Anniversary,U.S. Air Force, SOLD 
~Finnish M39(SAKO) 1944, SOLD
~Colt Commercial model 1911 .45 ACP, made in 1916, SOLD
~Sauer & Sohn 38H, Nazi Police Marked, SOLD
~Martini-Enfiled Artillery/ Calvary Carbine, SOLD
~Springfield Armory, 6092XXX Serial Range, SOLD 
~Polish WZ48 Radom .22lr Trainer, SOLD  
~1877 Colt Lightning Double Action, SOLD
~1911 Rifle, 7.55x55, SOLD
~Yugo M24/47 8mm, SOLD
~ Colt Mustang Nickel, SOLD
~1891 Argentine Mauser, SOLD
~1877 Colt Lightning Double Action .38 Long Colt. Made in 1901, SOLD
~No 1. MKIII, Pre War gun, bolt, barrel(20"),SOLD 
~M95 Hungarian M95 (Budapest) Mannlicher 8x56r, SOLD
~Colt 1873 SAA, 1st GEN, 1906 in .32 W.C.F.(.32/20) W/ Factory Letter. SOLD 
~Inland, 6368XXX SN, Aug - Nov 44' Date range, SOLD
~M95 Hungarian M95 (Budapest) Mannlicher 8x56r SOLD
~German K98 duv Berlin-Lubecker Maschinenfabrik (BLM) 1941 Non matching, SOLD
~Swiss K11 7.5x55, Troop Tag in the stock, SOLD
~German K98 S/147 Sauer and Sohn 1937 Russian Capture, SOLD
~Nagant 1895 Revolver, 7.62x38, SOLD 
~Remington 1917 Mosin Nagant, Fin Capture, SOLD
~Inland, 301XXX SN, OCT 42'-Sep 43' Date range, SOLD   
~Browning Model 12 Skeet Grade 28GA, 2-3/4 Chamber, vent rib, SOLD
~Remington 1903, 1942 w/ 2-42 RA barrel, ME=.05, TE=2.0, Nice transition rifle known as the 1903 Modified. SOLD
~FN 1905(Vest Pocket), 6.35mm(25 ACP), SOLD
~IBM, 3826XXX SN, Oct 43'-Jan 44' date range, Undated IBM Barrel, SOLD  
~FN M1935 Mauser in .30-06, made from 1935-1939, Peruvian Crest, SOLD
~Walther PP,  7.65mm, R.F.V. marked (Reichsfinanzverwaltung" Reich Finance Administration), W/ Genschow & Co. 1940 holster, SOLD    
~Walther PPK 1935 pre-war, 7.65(32 ACP), SOLD
~Winchester Model, 12 Heavy Duck Gun, SOLD 
~ No 4 MK II, 1955 PU, .303 British, SOLD
~Winchester Model 12 16 Ga. 30" Barrel w/ Solid rib, SOLD 
~No 1 MK III* Lithgow, .303, 1944 Orange Factory 3 marked, SOLD
~Walther Model 4, 7.65(32 ACP) , blued, SOLD
~Long Branch, No 4 MK 1* 1950, .303 British, SOLD
~Steyr 1908, made in 1919, Austrian Police marked. SOLD
~Inland M1 Carbine, late 1944 w/ 3-44 Inland barrel, ME=1.5, SOLD
~Underwood M1 Carbine, Late 1942 w/ 3-43 Underwod barrel, SOLD
~Remington 03' A3, 1943, w/8-43 RA barrel, ME=1.0, TE=2.0, Nice FJA Stocked Late 4.2M Serial# SOLD
~Walther PP 1940 pre-war, high polish blue, 7.65(32 ACP) SOLD
~Remington 03' A3, 1943, w/3-43 RA barrel, ME=0.2, TE=2.8, SOLD
~Winchester 1917, Made in 1917, w/10-17 Winchester barrel, ME=2.0, TE=3.0, original blued finish, Win stock, SOLD
~Remington 1903A3, 1943, SOLD
~Remington 1917, Made in 1918, w/ 04-18 RA barrel, ME=1.0, TE=2.0, SOLD 
~Finnish M27 Tikkakoski 1930, 7.62x54r, SOLD
~Springfield Armory 1903 MARK I, 1918 w/ 11-44 HS barrel, ME=1.0, TE=3.0, SOLD
~Russian 1891 Infantry Rifle "SA" Finish capture. Dated 1900, 7.62x54r. SOLD
~Walther 1941 PP Nazi Police marked SOLD.
~Remington 03' A3, 1943, 1-43 RA barrel, ME=0.0, TE=3.8, FJA stock, SOLD 
~Springfield Armory 1903 MARK I, 1919 w/ 1-44 Sedgley USMC barrel, SOLD 
~Remington P14, SOLD
~1849 Colt Pocket .31 in Nickle, made in 1860, 90%+ condition. SOLD
~Winchester M1 Garand, Sep 44' Receiver, SA 5-44 Barrel(TE=6 ME=3+) NM op rod, WRA Trigger housing. SOLD 
~Springfield Armory M1 Garand Mk2, Mod1, 7.62x51 NAVY. Nice late Navy rifle SOLD
~Eddystone 1917, Apr 18', Eddystone Barrel. SOLD
~Ortigies (German Pre-1921) 32 ACP. SOLD
~Rock-Ola M1 Carbine.  SOLD
~DP-28 (Polish) 7.62x54r Light Machine Gun converted to Semi-Auto W/ original 47rd Flat Drum and bipod. SOLD   
~Eddystone P-17 (1917) RIA rearsenal with parkerized finish. Made in 1918 with original 1918 barrel. SOLD 
~Polish WZ48 .22LR Mosin Trainer. SOLD
~Winchester Model 12 Skeet Grade 28GA, made in 1936 with 2-7/8 Chamber, sold rib and Cutts. SOLD
~P38 Spree Werke (CYQ) All matching, P block serial Number. SOLD
~Springfield Armory M1 Mk2, Mod 1, 7.62x51 Barrel. Nice late Navy rifle. SOLD  
~Colt Lightning Medium Frame 32-20 (.32WCF) Made in 1886 SOLD   
~Colt 1860 Army .44 made in 1862 With Colt Archive Letter SOLD
~Colt 1862 Police Pocket .36 Made in 1863. SOLD
~Lefever (1927) 12Ga 30" Long range Field/Trap SOLD
~Remington 11 28" 12Ga (1907!) SOLD 
~FN 35 Hi-Power 1943 Nazi Proof marked (WaA140)With Holster and 2 mags. SOLD
~Winchester Model 12, 1913 manufacture 20Ga.  SOLD 
~German G43 8mm BCD (Buchenwald)  SOLD
~M96 Finish Mauser (1924) 6.5x55 SOLD