These Original - Cased .58 caliber half stock pistols have tapered 7/8" to 3/4" x 10" octagon damascus smooth bore barrels that are fitted with fixed sights. Inscribed on the top flat is H Nock Maker to his Majesty Ludgate Hill London. There are English proof marks on the bottom flat of the barrels. The P+ grade checkered European Walnut stocks are fitted with browned steel furniture, including a German silver thumb piece, escutcheons and nose cap. They have single set triggers. The percussion locks with an outside safety, are tastefully engraved, as is the trigger guard, breech plug and tang. These pistols are housed in a wooden velvet lined presentation case with the following accouterments: a loading rod, cap tin, oiler, screw driver, mold, powder flask that holds powder, patches and balls and a key. Please Note: The presentation case and some of the accouterments are reproductions. Very good wood to metal fit - made by H Nock - Maker to his Majesty Ludgate Hill London. Condition: Very Good - Cased Pair. The weight is 1 lb 15 oz. Our Stock number is P-96-92. Will ship anywhere in the United States. Buyer pays freight and insurance.