Selling a full  case of Federal Deer Thugs 30-06 ammo,  10 Boxes, 20 rounds per box.

Important Note:  These cartridges are Federal Factory Seconds.  They have visual imperfections, mostly slight dings in the brass.  I have shot a lot of Federal Factory Seconds, in rifle, handgun and shotgun varieties and have never had any performance issues of any kind.  But again, they are Factory Seconds abd I want to make that very clear (I have discounted the price accordingly).

180 Grain Bonded Soft Point

Federal part number is DT3006B (you can google them if you want ballistic info).

Price is $110, cash only, fur the full case.  I do not want to sell just a couple of boxes at a time.

Must be 18 or older to purchase.

Federal 30-06, .3006, .30-06