Phenomenal Mathews Switchback XT Right Hand Compound Bow Package

Bow Is In Excellent Overall Condition
28.5" Draw Length - 40-70LB Draw Weight (Now @ 61 LBS)
31" ATA - 7.5" Brace Height - 65-80% Let Off
Cams And Drop Away Rest Perfectly Timed

* Fresh Winner's Choice String & Cables With NEW Beaver Fur Silencers, D Loop & Matching Serving
* NEW 1 To 4 Pin Extreme Archery Toolless Bow Sight In Mathews Lost Camo - Adjust By Hand
(With Adjustable Dimmer Rheostat "Purple Haze" Light & Spirit Level)
* NEW Mathews DownForce Drop Away Arrow Rest With Mathews Harmonic Damper - Perfectly Timed
* NEW 5 Arrow Alpine Archery Soft-Loc Quiver With Mathews Harmonic Damper In Mathews Lost Camo
(The quietest quiver out there for sure - very easy to remove also)
* NEW (7) Carbon Express Arrows With Matching Camo
* NEW TruFire X-Caliper II Caliper Release - Very Adjustable - Matching Camo
* NEW Extreme Archery 3 Rod Carbon Stabilizer In In Mathews Lost Camo
* NEW Custom Shop Made To Length String Stop With Brass Base - Limb Mounted String Stops Are Great
* NEW GamePlan Olive Green Wring Sling - Stays Upright In Position So That You Don't Have Fight It
* NEW Original Mathews Bow-Kini Case - Protects Limbs & Cams - Great For Travel
* NEW Primos Bow Sling In Matching Camo - Protects Limbs & Cams - Great For The Woods

(All you need is broad heads, which archers usually like to pick for themselves. I will throw in some new field points for the arrows.)

Most agree this is one of the best bows that Mathews made. Some think it was the best - period.
It has the PERFECT balance in power to "forgiveability" because of the generous brace height.

It is in excellent condition, just tuned, and it comes with tons of high end components - some of them are the best of the best. This is a top notch set up, so please do not match the price to a beat up model with a tired string, old style components, beat-up limbs & pockets and less additional items included.

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Will Ship In Case (Protected In A Good Carton), Well Packed In Bubble Wrap & Insured For $45