Shop AR15 Uppers at Black Rifle Depot, Because Quality Counts

When deciding on the right AR15 Upper for your specific needs the task is not always easy. There are many things for you to consider, overall length, bore, and the visual styling to name just a few (check out our blog for barrel details). Add the additional components that match as well like BCGs and charging handles. But we know that top-quality products with a long warranty is a must. That's why our products are covered by our limited lifetime warranty.

Black Rifle Depot sells only the best products and we sell them at the best prices. In addition, you also get our unsurpassed five-star service from a company whose reputation is nearly legendary. Shop and buy your next Complete AR 15 Upper from us and see the difference buying from BRD makes. Read the online reviews to see what our customers are saying. Then, be sure to share your experience with us as well.

It is completely legal to purchase upperparts and complete uppers without an FFL (Federal Firearms License) OR a background check.

So, buy as many upper assemblies as you want. Also, keep in mind that complete uppers are only considered firearm parts and are perfectly legal to ship through the USPS, and there is no need to declare anything special when shipping or receiving those parts via the mail. The only part of an AR 15 that requires purchase through a dealer with an FFL is the Lower Receiver.

Many of the Top AR-15 Upper Manufacturers to Choose From

Whether choosing one of our in-house OEM brand AR 15 uppers, or one from the many name brands we carry; we have you covered. Black Rifle Depot has a wide selection of Complete AR Uppers from several manufacturers. Such as AERO Precision, APOC Armory, Dirty Bird Industries, Stag, Black Rifle Depot, and even unbranded OEM. No matter what Prebuilt AR 15 Upper you choose we proudly offer a lifetime warranty on all products we sell.

Black Rifle Depot has AR 15 Complete Uppers in stock and ready to ship, so be sure to check out the entire lineup of in-stock ready-to-ship AR Parts online at Black Rifle Depot.